"X-Vandals passion and commitment to the cause and the culture, and their ideologically intense level of knowledge, energy, skill and realism set a new and staunch standard for Hip Hop and its righteous quest black to the future.  X-Vandals are the truth. I hope you can handle it?" - Chuck D of Public Enemy


"X-Vandals are underground street soldiers battling for the very heart and soul of this upside down society. They're this generations guerrilla graffiti artists, spraying the stage with a wild style statement of purpose and  bombing a multi-colored musical manifesto on all trains of thought in todays false representation of our Hip Hop culture. X-Vandals is simply reality's writing on the wall" - DMC of RUN DMC


"X-Vandals are pure, unapologetic "base in your face" underground and under class vibrations for all nations. 'Nuff respect to these brave warriors (who have come out to play) and defiant defenders of justice-for-the-people, who hold it down in the Hip Hop trenches. X-vandals will rock on till the break of dawn and beyond, if you can stay up that late" - POPMASTER FABEL of Rock Steady Crew/Universal Zulu Nation



X-Vandals was form(ulated) by mc/singer/lyricists/songwriter and founder of the anti-corporate AGIT Army, Not4Prophet aka Zero Prophet (of the political punk fusion band, Ricanstruction), and producer/beatmaker/turntablist/songwriter/musician, Johnny Juice (of  the infamous militant HipHop group, Public Enemy), with the full-throttle intention of creating a truly incendiary, incite-full, dangerous and danceable, modern-day militant music and mess-age made (and played) to move theMasses!

Raised in the uptown barrios of New York City, these neo-school NuYoRicans (alongwith other AGITating allies), now known collectively as X-Vandals, have refashioned and fused all the fire, fury, filth and funk of the ghetto streets of their upbringing, with the creative calle cultures currently called hardcore Hip Hop, political punk rock and seditious salsa to spawn a brand new breed of rebel music for the underground and by the under-class, that is making HipHop a (real) threat (once) again!!!